An Irish-American judge from Michigan known for his Irish spirit walked in on a bank robbery while on vacation in Rome.

According to the Republic, Judge Joseph K. Sheeran walked into a Banca di Roma to exchange money and made a loud noise. A man, whose face was disguised by sunglasses, a hat, and a handkerchief, saw him and fled along with two other disguised men. They were attempting to open a safe at the time they were interrupted by Judge Sheeran.
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According to MLive, Judge Sheeran is fully in touch with his native Irish roots. On St. Patrick’s day, he can be seen wearing a kelly green robe- not in court, however; the only color he’s allowed to wear there is black. However, he said that “On St. Patrick’s Day, I like to don the green robe off the bench to celebrate the day.”

In his office, Judge Sheeran keeps a shamrock potted plant and a framed signed reading “Help Wanted. No Irish Need Apply.” as a reminder to how his ancestors suffered and worked hard to overcome that discrimination.Sheeran also carries around a wooden “shillelagh,” which is a wooden club, that he bought in Ireland in the 1970’s. He uses it as his gavel for St. Patrick’s day.

Although Judge Sheeran was off-duty at the time of the robbery, he says that he’s looking forward to going back to Rome to testify for the case.

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