Pat Lynch, a Wyoming high school football coach, was forced to resign last week after distributing a blatantly homophobic leaflet to his players.

The leaflet condemned anyone thinking of reporting any kind of bullying to school authorities, siding with bullies in it's sexist and homophobic language.

The so-called'Hurt Feelings Report' belittled any student thinking of complaining about bullying before they even spoke up.

Local parents have taken to the web to complain about Lynch's action and say they were astounded to learn that although forced out of coaching, Lynch will keep a job as a guidance counsellor.

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How, critics ask, will any young gay student feel comfortable approaching a counsellor who's contempt for them is already on record?

Lynch handed out the leaflet to his players last month, which sarcastically claims to take 'hurt feelings very seriously' offering to supply the victims of bullying with 'diapers or a blanky.' It also asks for the name of the 'Real Man who hurt your sensitive little feelings.'

Under a list of reasons for filing a bullying report, the survey offers choices such as 'I have woman like hormones', 'I am a queer', 'I am a cry baby'. 'I am a little b****' and 'my butt is easily hurt.'

At the end of the leaflet the signature line leaves a space for the name of the 'little sissy filing this report' and the filer's 'girly-man signature.'

Lynch informed the Johnson County School Board of his resignation this week, reports the Daily Mail.

However after a meeting of the local school board, Lynch was allowed to keep his job as a guidance counsellor at the high-school 'under administrative supervision,' according to reports.

It's a move that has enraged local parents and will likely do nothing to stem the controversy that Lynch created himself with his blatantly pro-bullying stance.