Brooklyn's District Attorney Office has busted a high end escort service that brought in $7 million over three years. The DA indicted 17 people with relation to prostitution ring with expensive prices, which was used by New York City's Hedge fund community.

According to Irish American DA Charles Hynes the ring charged their clients $400 to $3,600 per hour. Hynes said many of the clients were in the "financial markets" or "hedge fund people".
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"People with nothing but money, willing to pay these enormous amounts of money for God knows what," Hynes told Fin Alternatives.

Hynes has charged the escort services owners, investors, managers and supervisors. He said he was also considering charging some of the high-class clients.

The DA said "There were full-service options. There were Europeans, Americans, Australians and people of all races. No one Irish."

The prostitute ring also sold drugs. They would use code phrases such as "a bottle of Champagne" for cocaine. Hynes also said their drug prices were high. He added "Instead of paying 20 bucks for cocaine, they were paying 170 bucks."