The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) has kick started a summer recess campaign to make sure that GOP members hear from the Irish American community on immigration debate.

This campaign is a direct response to the call from the national immigration coalition's request that all pro immigration groups target Republican members of Congress during recess,

As part of this national campaign, ILIR attended the Continental Youth Championships (CYC) sponsored by the Gaelic Athletic Association, in Pennsylvania last weekend.

Thousands of young Irish American athletes and their families attended this four-day sporting event, with people traveling from as far afield as Indiana, Illinois, San Diego, Buffalo, New England, and Pennsylvania.

ILIR was there with an information booth, and engaged with people from nine states with GOP congress members. Each person was provided  with information packs on immigration reform, and with contact information for the GOP Representative from their area.

The president of ILIR, Ciaran Staunton said Pennsylvania is one of the battleground states, with 13 GOP representatives who need to hear from the Irish and Irish American community.

“Please help us help the Irish community,” he said.

Senator John McCain, who sponsored the Senate’s immigration bill, said “I think the month of August is a very important month for voters to meet with their representatives on immigration reform.”

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