The Irish-owned aid ship, Rachel Corrie is delaying its voyage to Gaza to equip the ship with video and satellite transmission capabilities to record what happens on the ship.

Though Israel has offered to unload the cement and medical and educational aid on board the Rachel Corrie at their port of Ashdod the crew and the Free Gaza Movement are insisting that the aid be deliver to Gaza directly to avoid and looting or redirecting of aid.

Adam Shapiro, of the Free Gaza Movement board, said the additions to the boat were a matter of safety. He said Israel have made it clear that they will intercept this boat. It is there hope that using modern technology like this will affect the Israel Defense Forces behavior on the ship.

“Israel will be sensitive to the fact that we'll be recording what's happening and streaming it live," said Shapiro.

The group has still not identified where the ship will dock though Shapiro said that it will make its trip within the next week.

Derek Graham, a crew member on the Rachel Corrie, from Ballina, County Mayo, has said that as soon as they deliver the aid they will return to Ireland.

The MV Rachel Corrie is carrying 550 tons of cement, educational materials, toys and medical equipment including a CT scanner and wheelchairs. Customs officials and a Senator from the Irish Green Party inspected the vessel before it left Ireland and found no weapons.

Israel Defense Forces insist that they must stop weaponry from being transported to militants. They say this is why they stormed the flotillas over the weekend killing at least nine activists.

Rachel Corrie departing from Dundalk at the beginning of May