Research carried out by CNN Go has found that the Irish accent is only the sixth sexiest accent in the world. Sadly the Irish brogue comes in behind the Italian, Spanish, French Czech and Nigerian accents.

The survey was backed by the notion that “a foreign language can be the best aphrodisiac” so CNN “traveled the world in search of the 12 hottest accents”.

It is estimated that across the globe there are 7,000 accents so I suppose getting to the top six isn’t bad.

Wisely the CNN survey advised those who come into contact with the Irish accent to “lay off the leprechaun jokes.”

Describing the Irish accent they said it is “Valued slightly more in men than in women, the Irish brogue is a lilting, lyrical articulation that’s charming, if not exotic. Fluid and uplifting, it can swing from vulnerable to threatening over the course of a sentence, restoring your faith in the world again … right before it stabs you with a broken bottle top.”

That description was going fine right until it insinuated that the Irish might be slightly schizophrenic and have an automatic predisposition to turn to violence.  They went on to say that the Irish accent “sounds like: A marauding pixie”…That sounds suspiciously like a leprechaun reference to me.

However I’m sure we’re willing to overlook this safe in the knowledge that the Irish brogue still has that power to charm foreigners with a single “lilt”.



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Here’s a full list of the top twelve accents:

1. Italian

2. French

3. Spanish

4. Czech

5. Nigerian

6. Irish

7. Oxford British

8. U.S. Southern

9. Brazilian Portuguese

10. Trinidadian

11. Thai

12. Argentine

Here’s a clip on how to “do” an Irish accent:

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