Ireland's meteorological service (Met Eireann) has revealed that November was the wettest month ever recorded in Ireland.

Valentia Observatory recorded the highest level of rainfall since records began in 1866. Over 15 inches (360mm) of rain was recorded there for the month of November.

Ireland's other weather stations have recorded at least double the average rainfall for November.

Belmullet and Malin Head are exceptions to this, but even Dublin airport has recorded abnormal rain patterns.

The east coast records the lowest amount of rainfall annually in Ireland. However, 171 mm of rainfall recorded for the month in Dublin was three times the November average.

Athlone recorded over 210mm of rain, and according to Met Eireann, that was a once in a 163 -year event.

Galway also experienced a once in 300-year event with over 126.7 mm of rain in a period between the 15th and 20th of November.

A total of 318.8 mm of rainfall was recorded in Galway for the month of November, was a once in a 122-year event.

Ironically, the sunshine and temperature levels recorded were above normal for the same period. According to Climate experts, warmer and wetter winters are a symptom of climate change.

Met Eireann's head of forecasting Ger Flemming said that it is "a problem of climate.”

However, Met Eireann released a statement saying that it was unable to connect current weather conditions to climate change, but admitted that the west of Ireland would gradually record heavier rainfall annually by the mid-century.

 “Long-term climate models are not expected to provide year-to-year detail of rainfall but rather the long-term patterns, so it is too early to say if they are correct or not,” said Met Eireann.