108-year-old Luke Dolan from Strokestown, County Roscommon, passed away at a local nursing home last week. He had lived on the family farm until he was 100. His wife had died at 86.

He credited a boiled egg every day, a great wife and sugar in his tea for his longevity.

He had a sister who lived to 106.

Ireland's oldest man is now a near neighbor. Michael Lambert turned 107 last month and met Mr. Dolan for the first time last summer. He lived 20 miles away.

Meanwhile Ireland’s longest living person ever resides in a nursing home in Syracuse, NY.

February 16, 2014 marked the 112th birthday of Kathleen Hayes Snavely, the longest living woman in Irish history. Kathleen broke the previous record of 111 years and 327 days on January 8. Born in Feakle, Co. Clare in 1902, she immigrated to Syracuse in 1921 and still resides there in an elders home – which she moved to just a few years ago.

At her 112th birthday the Ancient Order of Hibernians brought flowers, a choir sang and she regaled those present with tales of Ireland long ago.