A Limerick man who bought his wife a memory foam pillow and a car wash for Christmas has been crowned Ireland’s most unromantic man.

Gary Constable was selected from hundreds of other contestants after he was nominated by his wife, Katrena, as part of the competition organized by Cyprus Tourism Organisation in Ireland.

His wife revealed that Constable insisted on getting married at New York’s City Hall while the couple were on vacation in order to save money on an engagement, wedding, and honeymoon!

With family and friends missing from the impromptu wedding, they had to use two witnesses who could barely speak English.

When the bride asked if the newly married couple could celebrate their union back in Ireland, he said he would be too busy working.

As a small consolation for being married to Ireland’s most unromantic man, the pair won a week long luxury holiday to the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

The national competition was launched on St. Valentine’s Day and asked women in Ireland to nominate their men, explaining why they deserved the title.

See the partners of the four finalists of the competition below on the Late Late Show segment.

Gary Constable has been awarded the prestigious title of Ireland s Most Unromantic Man 2012Maxwell