Ireland is set for a scorching summer as thousands come home for The Gathering, according to a world renowned weather expert.

New Zealand based long range forecaster Ken Ring is predicting a long, hot summer after years of washouts according to the Irish Sun newspaper.

Ring uses the moon, sun and tidal activity to make his forecasts months in advance.

He shot to prominence in Ireland when he predicted the Arctic winter two years ago.

The Kiwi has predicted a wet spring and patchy rain in June before temperatures soar in July and August.

He is forecasting that temperatures will hit a high last seen in 1995.

He told the paper: “Temperatures may reach 30°C or more in July’s second week, which may cause some media talk about a heatwave.

“August may be a month of prolonged sunshine spells and even drought conditions with a period of 15 or more days on which no rainfall is expected in some areas. September will be balmy.”

Author of a 450-page Weather Almanac for Ireland for 2013, Ring is advising people to take their Irish holiday in the first half of July or second half of August.

Donegal’s amateur weatherman Michael Gallagher is also predicting a warmer Ireland in 2013.

The famous postman told the Irish Sun, “I believe 2013 should be a warmer year - wet for the first three months, then a season that may remind people of the summer of 1995, with long dry spells, especially the first half of July.”


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