Ireland is in shock and grinning from ear to ear. Following an Easter Bank Holiday that saw temperatures hit up to 68F (20C) the fine weather is set to continue for the week.

Ireland’s meteorological service, Met Eireann, has predicted that temperatures could reach as high as 62.8F (17C) this week. An area of high pressure is settled over the country for  now showers will return by Friday.

Sadly it sounds like it might get a little nasty this weekend with a band of showery rain moving across the country, bringing showers by Friday evening. Temperatures are set to dip below freezing and mist and fog are expected.

But for now Ireland is rejoicing in a a little taste of summer.

And being honest there’s no where better to be in the sun.

Here’s some shots from around the country:

And of course...the obligatory humor:

Enjoying the sunny weather in Grand Canal Square in Dublin.Photocall