Ireland is joint 12th on list of least rude countries in the world, well behind winners Brazil and second place Caribbean nations. It is a disappointing result for the country known as the land of 100,000 welcomes.

The top 12 in reverse order is:

Irish                    0.83

Swedish             0.83

Japanese           0.66

Danish                0.50

Canadian            0.41

New Zealander   0.41

Indonesian          0.41

Portuguese         0.33

Thai                    0.25

Filipino               0.17

Caribbean          0.08

Brazilian             0.08

France, followed by Russia, Germany, and the UK were voted the rudest.

The travel search site surveyed 1,2000 readers to come up with its conclusion.

It asked its readers about places where the locals never smile and are particularly unfriendly. France won hands down.