Ireland’s perfect balance of modernity and traditionalism allows it to still be regarded as one of the world’s most desired spots for honeymoons and romantic getaways. Travel agencies around the world point to Ireland for its romantic value as a selling point.

Luxury Travel Magazine has named Ireland as one of its best luxury travel destinations for 2012. And with the options travelers have while visiting Ireland, it is certainly no surprise.

Couples can be swiftly romanced by the lush natural wonders that stay largely in their original form. The Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway, and the seemingly endless green coastlines around Ireland’s coasts will awe honeymooners and travelers alike.

Adventure-seekers will easily find thrill in Ireland’s ample offerings of water-sports, including activities such as surfing and kayaking. Biking or horseback riding through Ireland’s countryside is a top-notch way to see all that the Emerald Isle has to offer as well.



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Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, offers a perfect balance of history and modernity. Museums walk visitors through Ireland’s political and cultural histories, still evolving even today. Grafton Street blends traditionalism and modernism with superior shopping, and amusing street acts up and down the pedestrian street. The easily walkable city will welcome you with open arms.

Perhaps you are looking for a more tucked away experience? Smaller and more charming towns are plentiful around Ireland, with places like Kinsale and Westport catering to visitors’ every need and desire.

Whatever your style or destination desires are, Ireland is sure to accommodate you beyond your expectations. Wherever you go, the sights are sure to be lovely, and the craic sure to be grand.