A recent poll by uSwitch.com has found that Ireland is the worst place to live in Europe in terms of quality of life.

The new survey claims that the top countries to live in in Europe are France and Spain.

The website used 16 comparable factors in ten major European counties and Ireland came bottom of the pole.

 Variables such as net income, VAT, and the cost of essential items, such as fuel, food and energy bills were examined.

Also examined were factors such as lifestyle, hours of sunshine, holiday entertainment, life expectancy and working hours.

uSwitch.com, the price comparison website, said the survey was done to
provide a picture of the quality of life experienced in each country.

Trailing in just above Ireland were the U.K when all the factors were taken into account.

However when it comes to net household income Ireland beat out the U.K.

Ann Robinson, of the British website, said: "Last year, compared with our European neighbors, we were miserable but rich. This year we're miserable and poor."

Ireland also ranked tenth when the website examined each country's fuel, comparing the prices of unleaded petrol, diesel, gas, as well as the cost of electricity, alcohol, food, cigarette prices and life expectancy.

Results from the survey associated with Ireland included the following:

Irish people can expect to die almost a year sooner, at 78.41 years, compared to the European average of 79.342,

Cigarette prices in Ireland were also the highest of the 10 countries examined and at €8.40 far ahead of the European average of €5 for 20.

The Irish also got less sunshine than any of the other 10 -- just 1,397 hours per year, compared with 2,665 for Spain or the European average of 1,777.

The Irish also retire later, at 64.1 years, compared to the European average of 61.975.