Despite protests to the contrary, Ireland seems to have a fascination with British royalty, if Internet trends are any indication, says

According to Google Trends, which tracks and graphs the interest in a particular search term, the search for “royal wedding” went through the roof on Friday, becoming the most searched-for term in the world.

Google also revealed that Ireland came in second after the UK for the country most interested in the term "royal wedding" and even ranked ahead of the UK for the search term "Will and Kate." With a population of only 4 million people, the Emerald Isle generated more searches for "royal wedding" than the more populous Australia and Canada combined.

Ireland also came out on top for the search terms 'Kate Middleton,' the misspelled 'Kate Midleton,' 'Kate wedding,' and 'Kate royal wedding.'

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton leaving Westminister AbbeyAP