The Irish Government has “chosen to cooperate with the Nukhba terrorists and bolster the terrorist monster” with its recognition of the State of Palestine, Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Tuesday, May 28.

Foreign Minister Katz - who has been fierce in his criticism of Ireland since it announced it would be recognizing the State of Palestine - reiterated his criticism on Tuesday in a statement after meeting with the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi.

"I am pleased to know that we have a true friend like you in the European Union,” Katz said in a statement on Tuesday, addressing Várhelyi. 

“The State of Israel is at war for its future. 

“On October 7, the Hamas rapists and murderers sought to destroy us. 

“The world and the European Union must stand with us to return all the hostages and defeat Hamas. 

“The governments of Spain, Norway, and Ireland have chosen to cooperate with the Nukhba terrorists and bolster the terrorist monster - recognition of a Palestinian state constitutes the renunciation of our hostages."

Commissioner Várhelyi said: “I will continue to stand alongside you; you have a friend, we support Israel's right to self-defense and security.

"It is clear that I will not agree to a ceasefire without the unconditional release of the hostages. For me, it is impossible to let Hamas escape punishment.

"Hamas must not remain in Gaza. If they get away with what they have done, October 7 could happen to anyone, anywhere. Hamas could end the war tomorrow and release all the hostages, but they are not doing that."

Following months of consultation with countries across Europe and the Middle East, Ireland announced on May 22, the same day as Spain and Norway, that it would be formally recognizing the State of Palestine.

In response, Foreign Minister Katz announced on X that he had issued a "severe demarche" for the Irish, Spanish, and Norwegian Ambassadors “following their governments' decision to award a gold medal to Hamas terrorists who kidnapped our daughters and burned infants.”

The trio of Ambassadors were made to watch a video of the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7. Ireland's Tanaiste Micheal Martin criticized how local media was invited to film the Ambassadors being admonished by Israeli officials, calling it "totally unacceptable."

The day after Ireland, Spain, and Norway announced they would be recognizing the State of Palestine, Foreign Minister Katz shared a shocking video on X that claimed "Hamas thanks Ireland." The video bizarrely features Irish dance and Irish music. 

Later that day, Taoiseach Simon Harris said on CNN as part of his emphatic defense of Ireland's decision to recognize the State of Palestine: "Anything else in terms of videos from foreign ministries and the likes is distracting from the very, very serious issue of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding."

On May 28, Ireland formally recognized the State of Palestine during a meeting of government

“This decision of Ireland is about keeping hope alive," Harris said on Tuesday after Ireland formally recognized Palestine. "It is about believing that a two-state solution is the only way for Israel and Palestine to live side by side in peace and security."

Including Ireland, Spain, and Norway, 145 out of the 193 UN member states have now recognized a Palestinian state.