Ireland's meteorologists are warning people to brace themselves for a long weekend of miserable weather.

Gale force winds and torrential rain has pelted Ireland in the last 48 hours, and Met Eireann (Ireland’s weather service) expects "more of the same" over the course of the weekend.

The severe weather has caused massive flooding mainly in the West and in low lying areas. 

Galway is the worst affected as rivers burst their banks; many homes and cars are submerged in over two feet of water.

Up to 1.57 inches of rain is expected over the weekend.

Irish motorists have being warned to exercise extreme caution. The N17 road between Galway and Loughgeorge has been partially closed as some parts are completely impassable.

On Tuesday night four young college students died when their car crashed between Milltown and Ballindine.  

Many families became trapped in their houses as the flooding increased overnight. Joe Dennison from Moanbaun in County Galway barricaded himself and his family into their house as his garden completely flooded.

"I could hear the rain during the night and I knew it was bad. It was very heavy and it had been starting to build up,” he said.

Counselor Dominic Connolly lives in Westmeath and said the flooding was "horrendous" and that it was the worst he had seen in many years. He also commented on the fact that the flooding had occurred in many areas that had never been affected before.

Galway County Council is working fast before heavier storms blow in. They are digging ditches in an effort to relieve existing drainage systems. The County Council is also offering sandbags for those who need them.

Officials are bracing themselves for a hectic weekend and continue to hope that the rain subsides before further damage is inflicted.