Ireland has been ranked as the 20th best place to give birth, ahead of the United States, which came in at 30th.

Finland, Sweden, and Norway come out as the top three countries to be a mother. Germany is at number 9 and France is at number 16.

The Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers Report examines countries' mother and toddler fatality rates. Education, income and political representation of women are among the factors considered.

According to the new report, themed "Surviving the First Day," every year more than 1 million babies die on the day they are born, making a baby's birth day the most dangerous day of life.

It also found the risk of maternal death at childbirth in Ireland is one death in 8,100 compared with one in 2,400 in the US.

The US is a riskier place to be born than 68 other countries, according to the new analysis. An estimated 11,300 newborns die each year in the US on the day they are born.

Justin Forsyth, CEO of Save the Children, said: “Overall the world has made unprecedented progress in reducing child and maternal deaths. But within this progress there are two big challenges: newborns and malnutrition.

“We can end child and maternal mortality in our generation — by using tried and tested interventions to stop mothers and babies being lost from what should be simple preventable causes.

The G8 in June has a critical opportunity to tackle hunger which accounts for a third of child deaths. We must make sure we seize this opportunity.”