30-year-old Irishman Shane O’Grady was put under arrest and fined $1,300 (£1,000) after he urinated on his seat on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Las Vegas to Gatwick airport

O’Grady drank heavily on the flight. However, once the airline staff cut him off from the alcohol, he became agitated and began to harass the flight crew.

The staff had taken steps to handle the situation by switching on the fasten seatbelt signs, but eventually, they were left with no choice but to give the man pajamas to calm him down until they reached London.

As the aircraft touched down at Gatwick, his unruly behavior prompted his subsequent arrest by the local police who boarded the plane.

O’Grady was escorted off the plane by officers and was held in custody prior to appearing at the Magistrates’ Court in Crawley the following day. He was charged with being intoxicated on an aircraft, according to Irish Independent.

An aerial image of Gatwick Airport/Image Credits/Wiki Commons

An aerial image of Gatwick Airport/Image Credits/Wiki Commons

Sergeant Darren Taylor of the Gatwick Prevention Team was reported stating: "While the vast majority of passengers are well-behaved, and travel through the airport and arrive at their destination without a problem, there is a very small minority who ruin it for themselves and others."

Taylor went on to say, "However, we are not out there with the intention to arrest people or ruin their holiday; we want all passengers to travel through Gatwick safely and with minimal fuss. By making our stance clear from the outset, the onus is on them to behave themselves."

In addition to being fined, O’Grady pleaded guilty to all of the charges. He was also subsequently fined $114 (£85) in costs and a $134 (£100) victim surcharge.

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