The little Irish island of Inishturk, nine miles off the Mayo coast, is still being inundated by emails and phone calls from America requesting information on what's needed in order to move there if Donald Trump wins the election.

An island resident who spoke to IrishCentral anonymously confirmed that “hundreds” of emails and other queries were still being received weekly. With Trump looking more likely to succeed, an even greater number of inquries about moving to the 58-person island are anticipated..

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There has been a 14 percent increase in inquiries about “moving to Ireland” since the Trump surge began and google searches for “moving to Ireland” are up six fold.

The interest in the picturesque little island has been amazing. The initial article on IrishCentral about Inishturk's offer to Trump refugees was shared nearly 300,000 times and the story was picked up by websites and newspapers across the US.

Inishturk, meaning “Island of the Wild Boar,” rises boldly from the wild North Atlantic in wall-like cliffs to the northwest and steep hills to the north on which stands the ruins of the old signal tower, which rises 722 ft above sea level. The village, has its own school, shop and pub and is nestled in the remaining land. The population was 600 before the Famine.

The reality for many inquiring, however, is that there is little work available on the island and what little work available is confined to fishing and farming. However, locals say the self-employed such as writers can take advantage of the new broadband system in the village and the peace and quiet of a tranquil Irish island.

Even Hollywood has come calling. One filmmaker decided to head on over to Inishturk and find out how the people there really feel about Trump.

Directed by David Freid for MEL Films, “Make Inishturk Great Again” is a funny, smart and lovely look at Inishturk and at the larger opinion of Donald Trump in Ireland.