A 25-year-old Indian woman was left with severe injuries to her face after being beaten with hurleys in a horrific racist attack in Dublin last November.

Akshaya Anand revealed how she was walking to work in East Wall in Dublin when she was attacked by three or four teenagers who told her to "go back home" as they attacked her. 

She told the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk that the youths also told her that she doesn't "deserve" to be in Ireland. 

Anand was left with severe injuries to the face following the horrific attack but has since made a full recovery. She told Pat Kenny that she was "just hoping" she wouldn't die during the attack. 

"They were passing comments and after that, they hit me with the hurling bat," Anand said.

"I just knew at that time that I cannot get up and protect myself or do any self-defense because there were three or four of them." 

Anand said one of her attackers was about 17 years old, while the rest ranged between 13 and 15. 

She said all she could remember from the attack was how the group of teenagers "laughed at each other" while they were hitting her. 

"I was in shock because I had just heard stories. I wasn’t able to able to believe that was actually happening. I am actually getting beaten up." 

She said the attack has had a "very big impact" on her mental space, adding that she is now too afraid to visit Dublin city center. 

Anand told Kenny that she has found a new job since the attack, meaning that she no longer has to walk the streets at night. 

"I hope that never ever happens with anyone who is in Ireland or coming to Ireland. I hope they never have to go through that."