Ian Paisley Jr. is currently ranked number one sexiest MP in Northern Ireland according to the new website sexymp.co.uk.

The sites creator Francis Boulle from reality TV show 'Made in Chelsea' is showing two photos of British MPs on the homepage and asking the public 'Which MP would you rather have sex with? Choose one.'

Under the two photos of that days choice of two MPs, are the results of the most fanciable politicians in the House of Commons.

While Ian Paisley is leading the way for Northern Irish MPs, the Democratic Unionist Party member still ranks at 113 out of the male MPs. Martin McGuinness stands at number 338 out of 506, although, these ranking orders are constantly changing as people vote for who the would choose to sleep with between the two choices at a time.

Zac Goldsmith from the Conservative Party at Richmond Park has been sitting on the number one spot for male MPs but has just been by-passed by Conservative Jake Berry and dropped to 3rd place. Eilidh Whiteford of the Scottish National Party ranks in top place of overall sexiest MP in the House of Commons. Conservatives Penny Mordaunt and Esther Mcvey, are creeping up behind at 2nd and 3rd place.

In the battle of the leaders, victory currently goes to Labour with Ed Miliband in 90th place - well ahead of Nick Clegg at 167 and David Cameron trailing at 181. But beating them all in the ranks is Ed's brother David, currently flying high at number 40 in the rankings, reads utv.

'Sexy MP' brainchild Francis Boulle says she wants to create a fun and memorable tool to help the British public get to know their Members of Parliament. Boulle thinks it would be an interesting opportunity to hold the first ever parliamentary beauty contest and find out once and for all which MPs and Parties have the most sex-appeal.

Aware that the site may offend people, she says that it's not her intention to offend people and hopes everyone will see the funny side.