At  €45,000 ($62,346) it's considered one of Ireland's cheapest houses, but when you take a closer look at this Limerick home you realize it’s next door to one of Ireland's biggest criminal gang bosses.

As Irish house prices continue to fall, many people are snapping up similar bargains around the country. But no buyer has been brave enough to purchase the small terraced house on Lenihan Avenue, Prospect in Limerick. Most likely due to its less than ideal location in the heart of the McCarthy-Dundon gang's occupancy of south side Limerick. The two rival gangs are considered to be the country's most feared criminal gangs in operation.

Wayne Dundon's home is next door to the property for sale which is understood to be in derelict conditions following a fire in recent years. An adjoining wall separates the two driveways.

The auctioneer told the Irish Independent the property was put on the market in recent months and starting offers around €45,000 ($62,346) will be considered.

Next door to the property Wayne Dundon's corner home is surrounded by CCTV cameras and security lights. The gangland criminal was released from prison earlier this year and is believed to be hiding out in the UK.

Many neighbors left the Hyde road area after being subjected to years of arson attacks, shootings and violence.

The current average price of a house in Ireland is €198,689 ($275,862).