Leading homelessness campaigner Fr. Peter McVerry called the situation "absolutely tragic".

A pregnant homeless woman went into labor prematurely, in a hotel room designated as emergency accommodation. The woman delivered stillborn twins. 

Fr. Peter McVerry, of the Peter McVerry Trust, said it was "absolutely tragic" and extended his sympathies to the woman.

"I will say that it's traumatic enough being homeless and in emergency accommodation anyway, without the added trauma of losing two children on top of that," he stated.

Homeless woman gives birth to stillborn twins in emergency accommodation https://t.co/blhpN2ZnMq pic.twitter.com/qfl0Kt2Pip

— Irish Examiner (@irishexaminer) October 1, 2018

"We can't link the deaths to their living situation, but it was possibly a contributory factor. For a family living in emergency accommodation, it is very stressful and distressful. To have a tragedy like this, it compounds their distress. It's intolerable. This family on compassionate grounds should be given a council house," he added.

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It is reported the woman presented herself at the Rotunda maternity hospital with the stillborn twin boys. They are believed to have been born two months premature.

That a mother lost her children is a tragedy, that a pregnant woman was homeless is a callous uncaring government. pic.twitter.com/HJrr3a0PG5

— martinmcmahon (@williamhboney1) October 1, 2018

The mother-of-three is said to have been living in emergency accommodation for a year with her family.

A garda spokesperson said they are treating the deaths as a "personal tragedy" and said, "there are no suspicious circumstances".

According to Buzz.ie, latest homelessness figures show that 9,527 people, including almost 3,700 children, were temporarily living in hotels and B&Bs in August.

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