A parish in Co. Dublin is now offering “off-season” weddings in an effort to help young couples cut costs.

The Cherry Orchard parish has received a surge in the number of young couples hoping to get married in evenings throughout the winter months instead of during the 'in-demand' summer season.

In what he calls a “flexible approach,” parish priest Fr Seán Duggan said that with this approach he hopes “to take the pressure off couples to stage a full day’s event, and therefore from guests who might have to arrange time off work.”

Couples can now host a more low-key celebration after the wedding, which helps to cut costs for the couple and their guests.

According to WeddingFace.com, the average Irish wedding now costs over $29,000 (€21,135), with the biggest expenditure going on the reception at $8,600 (€6,290) and wedding attire at almost $3,000 (€2,150).

But the new approach hasn’t just benefitted couples on a budget; going by the pre-nuptial inquiries to date, Fr Duggan added he is very hopeful for “a good year for marriage” in Cherry Orchard.

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