To protest the separation of migrant families and the placement of migrant children in detention cages, one church in Indiana is making a very strong visual statement. 

They built a chain link cage around their statues of baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and St. Joseph. 

The startling nativity scene is at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis and has been there since July 2, according to the church's social media accounts. 

On our lawn tonight we placed The Holy #ICE detention. #Immigration

— CCC Indy (@CCCathedralIndy) July 3, 2018

With the hashtag #EveryFamilyIsHoly in both English and Spanish (#CadaFamiliaEsSagrada), they announced: "On our lawn tonight we placed The Holy #ICE detention."

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In a statement, Stephen Carlsen, the Dean and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, explained the decision and the church's mission: 

"Holy Scripture is clear about how we are to treat people trying to find safety for their families—we are to show mercy and welcome them. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were homeless and fled danger to seek asylum.

"The Holy Family today calls us to stand with all families seeking safety and a future for their children. We will not stand by while children are being taken from their parents, and families are being taken from our communities and congregations.

"People of good will and faith must not allow this to continue. We must not be divided by race, language or culture, but reach out to care for our neighbors—because every family is sacred.”

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In interviews, he has suggested that the display will remain until it is no longer necessary. 

Holy Family #Detention: Indy's @CCCathedralIndy puts Joseph, Mary & Jesus inside a fence on its lawn. When asked how long the display will remain, Dean @Steve_Carlsen said "My greatest hope would be that we, our nation, will search its heart & say this is not who we want to be."

— Michael R. Hartz (@MikeThePhotog) July 3, 2018

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