While Alec Baldwin limits his fights to the paparazzi, conservative republicans and fellow actors, his wife Hilaria seems determined to insult Irish people around the world by implying that they are mostly irresponsible drunks.

On March 17, the yoga instructor wished her followers "Happy St. Patrick's Day" with a photo of herself dressed in a green jacket, seemingly passed out on a park bench and clutching a bottle of dark beer.

"If you're going to end up like this, at least do it in a yoga pose," she added helpfully.

The New York Daily News first reported the story, referring to Baldwin as a "drunken yogi" and describing the image as a "funny pic in which she appears to be passed out."

Entertainment website E! Online also commented on Baldwin's post, describing the image as an "hilarious fake-drunk photo."

Baldwin, 30, who married the 55-year-old actor in 2012, has been at the center of some of her husband's epic public meltdowns.

In 2013, a reporter from a British tabloid claimed that Hilaria sent tweets while attending the funeral of "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini. Her hot-tempered husband took to Twitter himself, directing a slew of  homophobic slurs at the writer before dramatically "quitting" the social media platform.