The Labour Party’s Pat Rabbitte attacked the Irish Government for destroying the economy and lying about the IMF / EU bailout.

The tirade occurred during a heated debate with the Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs, Pat Carey, on Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE’s, flagship current events show “Prime Time”.

The panel had been debating Ireland’s current financial crisis and the prospect of an EU / IMF bailout. They were joined in studio by economist Prof Ray Kinsella from the Smurfit School of Business Studies in University College Dublin.

Rabbitte told Carey that he should be ashamed “show his face” after what has been done to the country by the Government.

He said “You should be ashamed to show your face in the studio after what you have brought our country to penury, and the damage that you have done to people’s livelihoods…You have destroyed this economy.

“You denied it and then you went on to pretend it was Ireland coming to the rescue of Europe. It’s about time you went, because you can do no more damage to this country.

“It’s the fault of the Irish government and you ought to be ashamed of where you have brought us.”

Carey immediately accusing Rabbitte of using typical Labour Party polemic and claimed that all Euro Zone states had supported every move the Government had made with relation to the banking system thus far.

He said “I take no satisfaction whatsoever in seeing what has happened…We’re not going to walk away from our responsibilities.”

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