Harvard President Drew Faust proclaimed herself all in favor of free speech when she allowed a group to plan a Satanic black mass on Harvard premises on Monday night.

Never mind that the storm of criticism was so great that organizers had to call it off. She had earlier resisted every effort of Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley to have the event canceled.

The black mass is a pretty hideous corruption of the Catholic mass where the word “Lucifer” is inserted for the word “God” and the devil is exalted.

Catholics find it deeply insulting and correctly so. Freedom of religion is fine and devil worship if that floats your boat is fine too.

But when you are the most prestigious university in the world and deliberately set out to insult, demean and decry the Catholic religion because a bunch of crazies want you too, that is where the line needs to be drawn.

Faust struck a Faustian bargain by allowing the group to hold their black mass on campus. She should have told them to take a hike.

Can you imagine if it were a group of anti-Mohammad worshipers who wanted to demean the Muslim prophet?

You bet your sweet bippy that Faust would have found a way to quickly turn that one down. We have seen what has happened to those who decry the prophet.

"Satanic Verses" and death threats and Mr. Rushdie anyone?

Just a few weeks ago another Ivy League university, Dartmouth, canceled a Cinco De Mayo-themed fundraiser for a local cardiac center because one Mexican student complained.

Daniela Hernandez, class of ’15, sent an email to complain that the theme was racially insensitive.

She wrote “As a Mexican-born, United-States-raised, first-generation woman of color, it was sadly unsurprising that a culturally-themed party was seen as a casual venture for such a privileged institution such as Dartmouth.”

Bingo, End of story, fundraiser canceled.

When a leading churchman like the Boston cardinal makes a similar protest about a much more egregious offense the head of Harvard refused to even contemplate it.

When it comes to political correctness Catholicism clearly does not cut it.

The Satanic idiots lost the battle but won the war by proving that their Faustian bargain, having the president of Harvard pick them over Catholicism, worked

Shame on Harvard and the president for displaying such bigotry.