Guinness Storehouse, Ireland's number one international visitor attraction, has launched a new mobile phone application to enhance visitors’ Guinness Storehouse experience.

With an existing interactive digital presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the Guinness Storehouse developed the new app to allow visitors and fans access to their favourite attraction at the touch of their fingertips.

Once downloaded free-of-charge onto any iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry smartphone, the Guinness Storehouse App can help users map their journey to the building with the help of Google maps, and help them navigate through the building with a digital map. In addition, visitors can purchase tickets at a ten percent discount, and avoid ticket lines upon arrival, as well as check opening times.

"Our new multi-functional app allows us to connect with visitors in a modern and unique way, keeping them up-to-date on all things Guinness Storehouse," says Lisa Fitzsimons, Marketing Manager.

Located in the heart of the historic St. James’s Gate Guinness brewery in Dublin, Guinness Storehouse is home to an old fermentation plant, transformed into a seven-story visitor attraction that tells the history of the birth and the making of the world famous beer.

The App offers fully digitized tours in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. These tours feature unique and interactive hot-spots, which showcase specific points of interest on each floor through the use of photos, video, and descriptions. These hot-spots include the Guinness Ingredients exhibit, the Guinness Advertising exhibit and the cooperage exhibit, which showcases the ancient craft of barrel making.


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The app's Dublin skyline feature enables users to enjoy incredible 360-degree views of Dublin and beyond - a feature for fans unable to make the trip to Guinness Storehouse or for future visitors interested in the views they will experience atop the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar on the seventh floor. The Dublin Skyline option offers information about 18 tourist attractions in Dublin in view from the panoramic bar - an educational resource while enjoying a complimentary pint for consumers of legal drinking age or even a delicious Guinness-infused meal.

For foodies, the Guinness Storehouse App enables users to watch the Guinness Storehouse executive chef, Justin O'Connor, conduct video cooking demonstrations, as well as getting access to Guinness recipes such as Guinness Brown Bread and Guinness and Beef Stew from five, the newly launched Guinness and Food Experience. Whether using Guinness as a key cooking ingredient or enjoying a pint with friends, Guinness reminds all consumers to drink responsibly.

In addition, the App features a unique photo gallery page, which enables Guinness Storehouse visitors to upload images from their visit with ease and view a gallery of 25,000 visitor photos since 2008. Amateur photographers will be able to enter the monthly Guinness Storehouse Photo Competition via the App, offering the chance to win a monthly prize or the ultimate prize of EUR 1,000 for one annual winner.

Developed by Guinness Storehouse, the Guinness Storehouse App is available for download on the majority of smartphones. iPhone and iPad users need to simply search "Guinness Storehouse" on the iTunes App Store, and Android users can search the same terms "Guinness Storehouse" in the Android Market. BlackBerry users can search the term "Guinness Storehouse" in the BlackBerry App World Store.

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