READ MORE-Guinness throws out subtlety to woo U.S. drinkers

Guinness are focusing all their efforts on a big marketing push here in the U.S. in efforts to increase sales. Their new marketing strategy includes a sports themed advertising campaign and the introduction of two new versions of the Irish stout.

The famous brew which is owned by global drinks giant Diageo is hoping to bolster U.S. sales amid the economic downturn and increased competition from domestic small scale “craft” brewers.

To co-incide with the football season kick off Guinness have been running ads on ESPN and other popular channels starring retired football legend Jerome Bettis. The Pittsburgh Steelers star is also joined by his former coach Bill Cowher who appears in similar advertisements,

The new campaign uses the tag line "Fortune Favors the Bold," that the brewer introduced late last year.  The campaign roll out includes on line, radio ads as well as in-store displays.

"Connecting Guinness with sports is the perfect way to bring boldness to life: It takes bold moves, bold plays," Patrick Hughes, U.S. brand director for Guinness told the Wall Street Times.

The company also introduced Guinness Foreign Extra Stout which has more hops and alcohol then their regular brew. They have also began to test market Guinness Black Lager in Chicago and San Diego. This is the company's first larger version of Guinness in the U.S. This lighter twist on Guinness is designed to expand the brand's audience.

"We are pleased with our performance, with the new brews we feel we are poised quite well for the next year," Mr Hughes added.

READ MORE- Guinness throws out subtlety to woo U.S. drinkers