A Dublin grandmother has been jailed six weeks after her sister tragically died.

Catherine Teeling, 64, has been jailed for non-payment of €4,000 worth of fines dating back years.

According to the Evening Herald, police arrested the mother-of-one on Monday. The Dubliner was jailed just six weeks after she buried her 82-year-old sister, who died after falling from her apartment while trying to clean windows.

Teeling discovered her older sister's body in the courtyard of the Avondale House complex in north inner city.

"My mam has not been able to get over the moment she found her sister lying dead on the pavement," Audrey said.

"Sadie died just six weeks ago. My mam is still very much in the grieving process.

"She's in no fit state to be in jail. I'm begging Alan Shatter to intervene and let her out without delay.

"I was sitting with her when two gardai arrived at the door and took her away. She was in her pyjamas; it was devastating.

"Her two grandkids are asking: 'Where's Granny?' I don't know what to tell them."

Her daughter said the pensioner is very upset since her sister passed away.

"She's in a terrible way after Sadie died, we all are," a tearful Audrey said.

"She needs to be helped get over the death of her sister, not locked up in jail," she added.
Independent councillor Christy Burke has contacted the prison authorizes in an attempt to get the grandmother released.

"This is not the type of person we should be locking up. She is a decent, genuine woman who is just trying to get through a very difficult time.

"If the authorities have any compassion, they will realise this and release her."