Farmer Tom Grant, in Armagh near the Irish border could not figure out how his cows were escaping from their shed. After an investigation, the farmer realized his extraordinary cow, Daisy, was opening the gate's two bolts with her tongue.

Grant had his neighbor film the cows and they soon discovered “the great escape” was all down to this amazing “bovine Einstein." The cows were repeatedly found frolicking in the green fields when Grant went to look for them in their shed.

He said “Daisy just wanted to do her own thing.”



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Speaking to UTV Grant said, “Every night I would feed these heifers and put them into their respective pens, secured by a two-bar gate. I came out one morning and found the gate open and Daisy was out with her friends, and I thought maybe I didn't bar the gate right. I thought maybe there were boys about during the night trying to steal a heifer."

His neighbor, Thomas McGuinness, set to solving the mystery by hanging out with the cows armed with his camera. What he recorded was amazing.

Fittingly, Tom Grant is a fan of “Animal Farm.” Daisy the cow had not only figured out how to open a bolt, but she had also discovered what sequence to open them in.

Although the cows are enjoying their freedom in the sun, during the summer Grant will have to look into more secure housing for these udder geniuses.

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