Governor Martin O’Malley is likely eying a White House run in 2016 and his Irish-born aide Colm O’Comartun will be right by his side.

O’Malley was recently elected chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association a job Bill Clinton among others, used as a stepping stone to far greater things.

O’Malley easily won his re-election race in Maryland despite the anti-Democratic Party trend elsewhere.

O’Malley announced the appointment of O’Comartun to the top staff job of executive director of the DGA, the new top staff job at the organization.

In a statement O'Malley said O'Comartun was "one of the most skilled and loyal public servants."
The executive director job will put  O'Comartun, a native of Dublin, in a very good position to create the kind of relationships that could help O’Malley if he eventually ran for president.

It will also put him in touch with the top field workers, fundraisers, pollsters and political operatives around the country.

O’Comartun who formerly was at Boston College, has been O’Malley’s closest aide for some time now. He is always  O’Malley’s go-to man, his loyal insider,  who has been with O’Malley since his days as Mayor of Baltimore.

As the Washington Post noted, O’Commartun played a critical role during the recent easy election win by O’Malley.

The paper noted that O'Comartun “popped up with O'Malley at events and toted around the governor's over-sized three-ring binder. The governor clearly favors him, turning to him when even minor questions arose.”

He  will replace Nathan Daschle,  son of the former Senate Majority Leader.

O’Malley has traveled many times to Ireland, including accompanying Clinton there in 1995. He fronts an Irish rock band called “O’Malley’s March’