The British government has been informed that a review of the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane could be a waste of £1.5million ($2.3million).

The former Labour Northern Ireland secretary, Paul Murphy, told MPs that there was “widespread opposition” to the proposal for “a semi-inquiry”, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

During questions sessions in the British Commons yesterday, he said, “I wonder if the Secretary of State understands that by going ahead with his proposal, £1.5m is likely to be wasted and will he now rethink?”

Mr Paterson said, “I'm sorry that we disagree on this. He committed to a public inquiry, but he then passed the Inquiries Act and we know that was the stumbling block and we inherited a complete impasse.
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“This was going nowhere and we think by accepting the conclusion of the Stevens Inquiry, possibly the largest police inquiry in British history, by having the family to Downing Street for a very fulsome apology, we can then concentrate on what's really important, which I raised with the family when I first met them, which is to get to the truth as fast as possible.”

Last week, Pat Finucane’s widow said that she felt “angry” and “insulted” after British Prime Minister, David Cameron, informed her that he was proposing a QC-led review of her husband’s murder. The family had called for a full independent inquiry into the fatal shooting, which occurred in 1989.

After a meeting with David Cameron last week, she told reporters her family were “very disappointed” and would not support the initiative.

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