Almost $362,000 will be spent on renovating Enniskillen. Co. Fermanagh. The money will be spent on making the town “brighter and more vibrant” through a painting and signage scheme and to give marketing training to store owners.

The Fermanagh District Council granted the money and will create a Creative Management Team to make a design guide and to oversee the development of the project.

Enniskillen is the host city of the G8, in which eight of the world’s leaders will discuss pressing global issues. Syria is expected to be high on the list of topics to discuss. Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland said that the world’s eyes will be on Northern Ireland.

UTV quoted the DUP minister, “In this difficult trading times it is essential that town centres appear as attractive and welcoming as possible.” He went on, “In June, the eyes of the world will be on Enniskillen and this project will strengthen the physical retail core of the town by improving its appearance.”

The DUP said, “This project will insure the reinvigoration of the Enniskillen town centre. It will enable businesses and property owners within the town centre to make improvements which will create a brighter and more vibrant streetscape to attract shoppers and visitors.”

Tourism Minister Arlene Foster added, “The NI Tourist Board is helping to ensure that everyone coming to the region for the G8 receives a warm Northern Ireland welcome.”

He elaborated, “We are working closely with Fermanagh Lakeland Tourism, Fermanagh District Council and other G8 partners to develop opportunities to ensure that visitors not only get an authentic taste of NI during their stay, but that they are also encouraged to stay for longer.”

President Obama will attend the G8 conference which is scheduled for June 17 and 18. Russia’s Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will also attend. The G8 will take place as the Lough Erne Golf Resort, which is a five star hotel. The last time the UK hosted the G8 they chose the Gleneagles in Scotland.