The Green Party has begun the search for a new leader after it was decimated in the recent General Election.

Former Environment Minister John Gormley informed members of his decision to stand down as leader at the weekend.

Gormley quit after the party failed to win a single seat at the election when all six outgoing TDs were shunned by the electorate.

Eamon Ryan, Energy Minister in the last government, is the favorite to get the job – if he wants it.

Ryan has yet to make any public declaration on the leadership ahead of a party conference next weekend to discuss the General Election wipeout and Gormley’s decision to stand now.

Ryan has admitted to leadership ambitions in the past but the Green Party now has no TDs, just three county councilors and is unlikely to have any senators after the forthcoming Senate elections.

Outgoing Green Party Senator Dan Boyle, who hasn’t ruled out running for the position, said: “It is important we bring new people forward.

“It’s not about personalities and it’s not about positions. It’s too early to say what type of positions will exist.”

Green Party Leader, John Gormley, speaking at a party conference