The Irish American Republicans group have praised the “historic and substantive meeting” held by Governor Mitt Romney and Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the Irish Embassy in London. 

“Gov Romney has pledged to put the Irish Peace Process back on top of the US President's foreign policy agenda. After four years of Obama's neglect and broken promises on Ireland, it is time for a change," stated Grant Lally, Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans.

"Four years ago, Barack Obama made a lot of empty promises about keeping the United States involved with Northern Ireland - and then broke all his promises - displaying an arrogance and "who cares" attitude, that shows Obama's contempt for Irish America. 

"Obama never appointed a US Envoy for the Northern Ireland Peace Process, and - only after Secretary Hillary Clinton was embarrassed by Obama's broken promises - did she briefly appoint an "economic envoy," which post has now been vacant for nearly 18 months.  It is obvious that Obama just does not care about Ireland or the 45 million Irish Americans," concluded Lally.

"Today's historic meeting between Gov. Mitt Romney and Taoiseach Enda Kenny was a serious policy meeting, arranged by Mitt Romney's chief foreign policy advisor, former US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, Ambassador Mitchell Reiss. Gov. Romney will re-engage the United States in the critical work of the Irish Peace Process," stated Jeffrey Cleary, Co-Chair of the Irish American Republicans.

"Mitchell Reiss is already a historic figure in Ireland. He negotiated the St Andrews Agreement, reconvened the Northern Ireland Assembly, secured the devolution of policing to Northern Ireland, and brought the first-ever Sinn Fein-DUP Executive to power," stated Cleary.

"Mitchell Reiss has been praised by all Northern Irish leaders - from Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, to the Rev. Ian Paisley - for his careful, thoughtful work for Northern Ireland," added Lally. "If you want to see what Gov. Mitt Romney's Irish policy will be - just look to the successes of his top advisor, Ambassador Reiss."

The Irish American Republicans ( are a national coalition of Irish Americans in the Republican Party, originally founded in 1868. They have played a leading role in elections across the United States, and have been dubbed by Sean Hannity as "the GOP's Delta Force." In 2008, Ambassador Mitchell Reiss received the Irish American Republican's annual Man of the Year award.