Google has introduced a new service which translates Web sites and documents into Irish.

The translation will clearly help students struggling to understand Irish but it also makes surfing the Web w-a-a-y more interesting.

We tested it out on the Huffington Post  The London Times, the White House and the results are brilliant.

If you're stuck for something to do, spend a couple of minutes changing your favorite site into an Irish-language version and impress your friends!

The service is courtesy of Google's expanded online language translation program.

Google spokesman Simon Morrison said there might be teething problems but says they should get better over time.

“The main stumbling block would be colloquialisms. There are lots of ways in which people speak,” he said. “It’s not really meant to let you read novels in other languages, it won’t be able to do that, but it will allow you to read webpages for information.”

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