Steve Fitzgerald, anIrish AmericanRepublican candidate for the Kansas State Senate has stated that Catholics should not be Democrats because the party supports gay marriage.

 "My main point is that theDemocratic platform and policies nationally are an attempt to redefine marriage in effect to say what Christ has said about marriage is a lie," Fitzgerald told Huffington Post.

 "Christ said marriage is between one man and one woman and the Democratic platform said that it's not true. So therefore, my point was that one cannot support the Democratic platform and be a follower of Christ."

Challenged to defend his remarks Fitzgerald "The contention that I said that one cannot be Catholic or Christian and a Democrat is not an unreasonable summation of what I actually said," Fitzgerald said. "My actual message was fix the party or leave."

His opponent, Senator Kelly Kultala, also a Catholic disagreed"I was so angry I was seeing spots," she said. "I was trying to be diplomatic and calm. I said that people cannot come into our house and disgrace our Democratic Party. My job as a senator is not to tell you what to believe."
Fitzgerald said he  took issue with Kultala's religious beliefs.

"She calls herself a Catholic and I don't know how she does that," he said. "I am guessing she is Catholic in the tradition of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. I don't think this is news to anybody."

Kultala responded. "What gives him the right to put Catholics in different categories?" she asked. "I was born and raised a Catholic. He does not have the right to dismiss my faith because it is not the same as his. He's trying to make it sound that you are only truly faithful if you are a right-wing Republican, that's not right."

Fitzgerald previously stated that because of abortion illegal immigrants got jobs in America because the aborted children never got to grow up to join the workforce.

"Abortion is bad for business – it destroys customers and workers and leads to recession and illegal immigration," he said.

"Besides, killing innocent people is a failure of the state to provide necessary protection."