The accused George Zimmerman will be released from jail on a $1 million bond according to Judge Kenneth Lester’s ruling.

Zimmerman is accused of the second degree murder of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. The self-appointed neighborhood watch volunteer is charged with shooting the unarmed 17-year-old.

Lester had revoked Zimmerman’s previous bond of $150,000 after prosecutors proved that he and his wife had misled the court during his initial April bond hearing.

Mark O’Mara, the lawyer for the defense, says that Zimmerman can now draw the large sum of money (over $200,000) that has been donated by his supporters. O’Mara said it would easily cover the 10 percent necessary for most bail bonds companies.

During the hearing for the second bond last week, O’Mara said that the prosecution had a weak case against Zimmerman, however he has admitted that not disclosing the considerable assets he had gained from public donations initially had greatly damaged his credibility.