READ MORE- Gabrielle Giffords’ love story with husband Mark Kelly

Gabrielle Giffords is expected to attend the Houston launch of the shuttle fight captained by her husband,Mark Kelly,  which will take off in early April.

It is yet another sign of the incredible recovery the congresswoman is making, Doctors treating Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords have said she is making considerable progress. They have scheduled a press conference for later today to give a full update on the her condition.

The Arizona Democrat was shot in the head on January 8.

"Two months after her injury, the congresswoman continues to improve," says the statement by Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

The headline on the statement which announced Friday's news conference says Giffords is making "strong progress."

Six people died in a shooting rampage as constituents met with Giffords at a grocery store in Tucson.

Meanwhile, her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, is preparing with his team for their next mission to outer space.

The space shuttle Endeavour is set to be moved from the Vehicle Assembly Building this week, and the six member crew includes Kelly.

It has also been announced that Giffords will attend the Endeavour launch, which is scheduled for April 19.

READ MORE- Gabrielle Giffords’ love story with husband Mark Kelly

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