A passenger’s mobile phone caused a full scare terrorist alert on board a Delta flight forced to make an emergency landing in Dublin on Monday.

Delta’s flight from Istanbul to JFK in New York was diverted to Dublin after a passenger reported a suspicious package plugged into a shaver socket in a toilet.

The pilot asked to make an emergency landing in Dublin after reporting a ‘suspect device’ in the bathroom.

Irish police, who surrounded the plane after diverting it to a corner of the airfield, later confirmed the device was nothing more than a passenger’s mobile phone plugged in to charge in the shaving socket and left wrapped in its cable.

Armed police questioned the passenger involved but no arrest was made and the ‘emergency’ was stood down.

The aircraft, with more than 200 passengers on board, then refuelled before travelling on to New York.

A Delta spokeswoman confirmed: “The crew had become aware of a possible security situation and followed procedure.”

Dublin airport as seen from the airGoogle Images