Recently released rapist Larry Murphy  has refused any counseling and is still living in an address supplied by the Irish probation services. Police say he is petrified to move outside the house in case he is recognized.

Murphy served ten years for rape and is also prime suspect in the disappearance of several other women, including Irish American Annie McCarrick from around his home area. An FBI profiler found that Murphy was very likely involved in the disappearances

He rarely leaves the house and is under strict surveillance and has registered on the sex offenders list in Dublin.

His main contact is Father Patrick Enright a prison chaplain who visits him at the probation service residence where he lives alone

Murphy has continued to refuse to take part  in treatment programmes for sex offenders since leaving prison.

A probation official told the Sunday Tribune that "He is somewhere discreet and private. The probation services offer a range of services but all he wanted was somewhere to live. He has rejected any other help from them," said a source. "He has barely left where he is staying. If he did, he would be instantly recognised."

Murphy has funds having received money from the sale of the house he co-owned with his wife in Wicklow as well as money he earned in prison.

It is believed that Murphy fears for his well being in Ireland and wants to get out of the country.
However a police source says that would cause him many more problems.

 "If he moves somewhere within Europe, he would not have access to the probation services to assist him. He may well be planning to move abroad but he has not informed gardaí of any such plans yet, which he must do."

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