A Google virtual tour can show take you a 360-degree tour of the interiors of local pubs, restaurants, and hotels in Cork city but can it capture the magic that fills them each night?

According to the Examiner, now that tourists are able to explore more and more Irish venues before going on to visit them in reality, even for those familiar with Google Maps and Street View, actually going indoors takes the experience up a notch.

Signature Cork pubs such as Long Valley, Le Chateau, and Market Lane have already gone online and are awaiting your visit. You can also visit Curran’s Restaurant and hotels such as the Rochestown Park and Carrigaline Court will reportedly join the lineup soon.

Venerable old bars like Le Chateau, an institution on Saint Patrick’s Street since 1793, expect the new online tour looks will deliver visitors. Proprietor Michael Reidy told the Examiner: 'People don’t come here for the weather, they come to Ireland to experience something different. The success the English Market has enjoyed since the Queen’s visit proved that.'

The virtual tours completed to date have all been filmed by certified 'Google-trusted photographer' John Roche, a freelance photographer based in Cork.

Thanks to his efforts viewers will enjoy a floor-to-ceiling view of the building’s interior. Roche told the Examiner: 'This is much better than watching a video. It is far more interactive, with the viewers controlling where they want to go in the premises. It is a series of images that are drawn together using software provided by Google.'

Roche is confident the new service will bring a lot of new tourists to Cork City centre. He also projects businesses in neighbouring County Kerry will soon come on board.

For examples of John Roche’s photography and more information about the virtual tours and Street View, see www.johnroche.com.