Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore has said he is "greatly concerned" that Joseph Kony and his collaborators remain "at large" in Central Africa, and that Ireland strongly supports the International Criminal Court as it seeks to bring the Ugandan war lord to justice.

The International Criminal Court issued a warrant for Kony's arrest on 33 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes in 2005. A viral video campaign by Invisible Children has recently raised public awareness of the atrocious violence reportedly carried out over two decades in Uganda.

Speaking in Dáil last week, Tánaiste and minister for Foreign Affairs Gilmore said, “Ireland, both directly and as a member of the European Union, provides ongoing support, including funding, for the Court and for its work. This year, our contribution towards the running costs of the Court will amount to some €800,000."

Gilmore also detailed the aid provided to Uganda. Ireland, through Irish Aid, will commit some €22.5 million funding to the African country between 2010 and 2014, reports

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