Florida-based child protection group One Child International has written to Ireland's Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern asking him to extradite former Irish Olympic coach and alleged pedophile George Gibney to Ireland.

The U.S. department of immigration and the US ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney also received a copy of the letter.

Gibney was charged with 17 counts of sexual abuse in the early 1990s. A judicial review in 1994 prevented the case from going to trial because of the time that had elapsed between the actual incidents and the prosecution of Gibney.

Gibney left Ireland and now lives in Orange City, Florida and has changed his name to Jon Gibney.

One Child International Chief Executive Evin Daly wrote:

 "Minister I am asking that you personally reopen this case. For the past two years we have being following the evidence trail of George Gibney, the Irish swimming coach, who has been documented as being a serial child sexual predator . . . An extensive report has been submitted to law enforcement locally in Orange County, Florida, where Gibney lives . . .with a view to initiate proceedings to deport Gibney...It is a travesty this has gone on so long unchallenged."

One Child International specializes in child abuse prevention, and has notified local police who have in turn notified local residents of Gibney's background.

The One Child group has also lodged a formal complaint about Gibney to U.S. immigration authorities.

Daly is Irish born and hails from County Sligo. He was in Ireland after Christmas to witness the jailing of former national swimming coach and pedophile Ger Doyle.

“I have written to Gibney’s local police department, Sherriff Ben F Johnson, Volusia County Sherriff’s Office, and I have met with them, updating them on his location and possible danger to the community. I have given him Gibney’s background and have spoken to the detective in charge of crimes against children,” said Daly

Daly was heavily involved in St Patrick's Day celebrations in Florida. He has close ties to the local church, the Church of Annunciation in Alta Monte Springs, Florida. Gibney is also a member of the Knights of Columbus, Annunciation Council.