The flight from hell occurred on Christmas Eve, when 300 passengers on a US Air flight to Philadelphia from Dublin were left stranded on the tarmac at Dublin airport for seven hours before they were allowed off. The flight was later canceled.

Adverse weather conditions have forced major delays at the airport over the past week but the Christmas Eve flight was the worst delay of all.

US Airways flight 723 was due to take off at 11.05 and was delayed.

Passengers eventually boarded at 1 p.m.

For the next seven hours passengers were kept in their seats,given no food and very little information as to why the flight was being delayed.

There were also several infants and children aboard the packed flight.

The flight was ultimately canceled at 8 p.m when passengers were finally allowed to disembark.

US Airways stated that the shortage of de-icing fluid on the part of the airline’s ground handler was the cause of the delay and eventual cancellation.

Another US Airways flight on the same route was delayed five hours but eventually took off.