The search for missing Dublin teen Amy Fitzpatrick has been called off by Dave Mahon, the partner of Amy’s mother, Audrey. Audrey was unable to attend her son Dean’s funeral and has pledged to bury Amy alongside her brother.

One of Mahon’s close relatives told The Sun, “It’s all been too much for them but Dave is getting to a stage now where he has to think of himself because of the ongoing investigation and of what people might be saying about him.”

Audrey was unable to attend her son’s funeral on June 4, 2013 due to a panic attack. Dean, a 23 year old father of one, was stabbed on May 26, 2013 and later died from his injuries in the hospital. Audrey spent the night being comforted at a friend’s house. It is thought that her health problems contributed to the decision to end the search.

Audrey intends to bury some of Amy’s belongings beside Dean. A family friend told The Sun that Audrey has accepted that Amy is most likely dead. A coroner may request the Minister for a direction to hold an inquest and the coroner may then issue a Death Certificate. Audrey hopes this may happen next year.

A family friend told The Sun, “Being able to bury Amy’s belongings beside her brother will bring some comfort and peace of mind to her. It means that Amy will at least follow Dean and they will be together forever.”

An application may be made to the High Court once a person has been missing for seven years or more. It may not be necessary to wait seven years if there is a clear implication from circumstances that the person is dead. The High Court will then examine the situation and if the missing person is more likely dead, the High Court will make a declaration that the person is legally presumed to be dead.

Amy’s aunt Christine Kenny has vowed to continue the search. The search for Amy began in 2008 and has taken Mahon and Amy across Europe and to northern Africa. Collection boxes for “Missing Amy” were placed in supermarkets across Dublin in recent weeks and a fundraising event was held for her at Parnell’s GAA Club in Coolock two weeks ago.

Amy disappeared on New Year’s Day in 2008, then aged 15. She was with her friend Ashley Rose babysitting Rose’s little brother at their house in Malaga, Spain. Amy said goodbye at 10pm and was expected home soon since her home was a short walk away. She never arrived home and has not been seen since. Audrey and Mahon launched a search campaign involving hundreds of people to try to find her alive. In June of 2009, Audrey received a ransom call from a man she described as having an African accent. The man claimed to know where Amy was and promised information in exchange for a 500,000 euro ransom. The phone number was from a prepay phone and the number was unregistered.

In May of 2012 it was reported that the gangland killer Eric “Lucky” Wilson had killed her, although no body has yet been found. Amy was seen with an older man the night she disappeared and three witnesses stated in a 2011 police report that they saw Amy with a mysterious blonde in Trafalgar Bar on the night she disappeared.