Red headed children and adults continue to be singled out and mocked for the color of their hair but some have had enough and are warning that there could be a “ginger uprising” if something isn’t done to protect them.

Emily Bix (21), a model from Darwin, Australia, is one among many redheads who has had enough. She insists there will be a redhead revolt if redheads continue to be insulted and says they deserve more respect.

She said, "You can't call someone fat or skinny or make racist comments so why should you be able to insult a redhead just because we're another minority group?

"We just want to be treated the same as everybody else.''

Referring to an insulting schoolyard myth that red headed people don’t have souls she told NT News, “We do have souls.

“I got asked the other day if I had a soul; it wasn't even a question, they just suggested I didn't have one.''

Irish-born bar manager Mark Erasmus (28), is proud of his red mane. He said, “They say gingers have a bad temper.

“They could strike out ... at any time. Us redheads look out for each other.”

Sadly the taunting of redheaded folks seems to be rampant so much so that even the New York Police Department were forced to warn their officers earlier this year that mocking people with red hair would not be tolerated.

Justine Lisser of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington, DC said, “It’s an innocuous-seeming criteria, but if it has a ‘disparate impact’ on a certain racial group, red hair could be considered the basis of discrimination.”

Here’s an anti-redhead bullying campaign advert from Canada: